Shakti Rios-Zuluaga

A place for high frequency healing & learning.

About The Creator of Sovereign with Shakti

Hi! I'm Shakti, welcome to this amazing space! 

13 years of digging through personal development and eventually business development paired with spiritual empowerment, brought me to the precipice of this creation. Passionate about business, spiritual elevation, and personal empowerment I am committed to helping you rise into the driver seat of your reality with a deep and reverent understanding of who you are and what you came here to discover and thrive in. 

As a mother, entrepreneur, writer, tarot advisor, human design specialist, minister, yogini & bodyworker - trust me when I say, I've spent a long time in the work of healing (self & supporting others) and I am no stranger to the profound feeling of lostness that befalls us from time to time.

In those moments I found that every coach or system I turned to promising a strategy that would work for me, would fall flat and leave me feeling more confused than I was before. I had this nagging feeling that the "one size fits all" coaching model was not what it promised to be.

When human design came into my life it quickly transformed the way I experienced reality. It differentiated me and allowed me to appreciate the differentiation of others. It confirmed my intuitive belief that we are not all here to learn the same, grow the same or build the same. It acknowledged my long held instinct that there were specifics to each person that gave them a greater chance at success and ease.

Since applying my own design diligently, my entire reality has shifted and quickly. I no longer live in a nagging anxiety that I'm on the wrong path or doing the wrong work etc. It's given me perspective as a parent and allowed me to be more thoughtful and understanding with my children. It's deepened my appreciation for myself and for the aspects of me I once considered problematic.

I did not come to this work or this teaching lightly. It is every bit as transformative as you could imagine. No more cookie cutter formulas. No more guess work. Just pure powerful insight designed just for you.

Why You Can't Wait To Join Sovereign With Shakti

  • Education on human design & how to use the wisdom of this system in your daily life.
  • Access to memberships & courses to elevate your experience & align you with the highest expression of your spirit.

  • Connection with other starseeds who are awake and looking to deepen their healing and growth.
  • EFT rounds & workshops to help you collapse limiting beliefs and stuck emotion so you can finally be FREE.